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The specialist for online distribution in the hospitality industry
Helping hotels fill their beds and enable distributors to contract suppliers directly. This is a benefit for both: more revenue and higher margins.
Premium Channel Manager CultSwitch
Let CultSwitch seamlessly and effortlessly connect your property to the world of online distribution and maximise revenue whilst avoiding over-booking, channel conflicts and administrative complexities.
  • Boost your revenue through a dedicated specialist managing your operations who will dedicate 1 hour p.m. to optimise your sales
  • Synchronizes availability, rates and operational data between your property system, hundreds of online booking websites and your web presence.
  • Including free access to our booking engine CultBooking and to free Google booking links
  • Start free trial for 14 days then after starting from €75/Monthly
Channel Manager MappingMaster
The ultimate channel manager and booking engine for apartments, hotels, hostels, guest houses, and villas.
  • An intuitive channel management system designed for anyone, even without prior expertise. With our cloud-based solution, effortlessly handle management tasks while keeping data up-to-date
  • Experience seamless reservations, and direct bookings all in one place. MasterBookings is mobile-responsive, user-friendly, and designed to increase conversion rates to the maximum.
  • Start free trial for 14 days then after starting from €29/Monthly or Free with 3% commission on net revenue.
Booking Engine CultBooking
Conversion driven booking engine, no frills, just reservations
  • Optimize direct revenue, engage with new travelers, boost conversion rates
  • Reduce third-party dependency and increase profits with commission-free bookings
  • Access to Google free booking links
  • Start free trial for 90 days. Then € 39 monthly flat fee only. Alternatively 5% commission on net revenue (if you don't like fixed monthly costs).
Get access to neutral database with direct connection to hotels and inventory via API
  • Direct connection to hotels through interfaces to 15+ channel managers and 50+ PMS
  • Access to 1m+ properties with our partners
  • No intermediaries and commission-free
  • Enable long-lasting relationships to suppliers with direct contracts, stop directing website traffic
Enable you to tap into greater potential in the market to generate higher revenues and grow your business. Cultuzz is the only service provider that enables hotel products to be booked directly within the eBay purchasing process.
  • Sync availability and bookings with your property management system in real time with a built-in availability calendar.
  • Expand your reach to millions of potential guests.
  • Efficiently handle guests during low-demand periods.
Gloveler was founded in 2009 as a German provider of private accommodation. It wanted to compete with Airbnb, but was (obviously) not successful.
We took it over and want to show what is an Open API and how hotels and distributors can benefit from it.
The vision is to demonstrate how hotels and distributors can benefit from an open database containing worldwide accommodation content. In this scenario, hotels have the flexibility to provide room information based on their terms, prices, and commissions. This open database, referred to as RoomDB, is accessible to anyone involved in selling hotel rooms, and it operates with very low fees.
However, it is still under development.
Expert Consultation
Helping out clients to choose the best-fit option for them to sell more, boost revenue and reach greater numbers guests.
This consultation is included in our Premium Channel Manager CultSwitch.
WordPress Plugin
We partner with best-in-class web design agencies to create out-of-the-box solutions for accommodation providers which already includes our optimised booking engine CultBooking
Open API
Discover, integrate, and empower your applications with our open APIs:
  • Distributor API
  • Supplier API
For distributors we are offering four main functions:
  • Get all properties with their most important data using geocoordinates and a radius
  • Get all available offers for a property for up to 24 months
  • Get all available data for a property (descriptions, pictures, amenities etc. / offers, availability, prices, conditions etc.)
  • Book an offer from a real-time inventory
For suppliers, we offer a very comprehensive API that allows you to transmit all the information you want and control distribution as deeply as you wish.
Cultuzz in Figures
  • 1 million properties worldwide
  • 4000+ direct connections to hotels
  • 15+ channel managers
  • 50+ PMS connected
  • All leading distributors worldwide connected
About Us
Cultuzz Digital Media GmbH was founded in the year 2000, with a vision to help hotels to sell their products everywhere in the world. Since 2008, we've expanded our services to support distributors in establishing direct contracts with suppliers.
We are specialized in online distribution, we don't believe that we should provide "everything from one hand": Our focus is on collaboration; we seek partnerships with companies excelling in their respective domains, rather than attempting to cover everything ourselves.
As Steve Jobs once questioned, 'If you are busy making everything, how can you perfect anything?'"
Become a Partner

If you are a distributor (OTA, TMC, DMS) and source your rooms from intermediaries, let us assist in establishing direct contracts with accommodation providers.

If you are a startup looking to sell rooms to your customers, let us assist in acquiring full inventory from our partners and directly from suppliers.

If you are a software developer (such as PMS, CRS, CM, RMS, rate shoppers, etc.) then we are happy to build an interface or you can connect to us.

If you are a hotel consultant or have expertise in online distribution, we would love to work with you. We'll support you in client acquisition, onboarding, and handle all technical aspects. Your role is to share your knowledge with clients, assisting them in boosting occupancy, increasing revenue, and achieving higher profit margins. Check the job offer here: https://cultuzz.com/en/hotel-distribution-consultant.html

Landhaus Lockwitzgrund
Dresden, Germany
“As a hotel owner and chef, I am always challenged twice and that is why I am glad that I have found a full-service provider in Cultuzz, through which I can take advantage of the great opportunities that eBay offers with CultBay - from bookings with the availability calendar to Vouchers up to WOW! of the day – and at the same time I have a channel manager, CultSwitch, who relieves me of a lot of the work and does none of it.”
Aktivhotel Alter Kaiser
Bad Ems, Germany
‘We are very satisfied with CultSwitch, especially since the direct contact with your respective supervisor works very well and this means that we always receive good advice and prompt resolution of any questions or problems that arise with a timely solution! Many thanks for this especially to Ms. Bessert and Mr. Reinsch.’
Stralsund, Germany
‘With Cultuzz’s product RoomDB, we can directly work with any property, it enables us to reach the greater potential exist in the market, and Cultuzz’s team is always there for us to make our services better everyday’
Berlin, Germany
‘Cultuzz’s product RoomDB drastically enhances our presence in the market and enables us to generate commission revenue by enabling us to directly connect with our audience during their booking process without redirecting the traffic’
Art Hotel Lauterbach
Kaiserslautern, Germany
‘After years of using channel manager CultSwitch and the booking mask CultBooking Neo, I can only say how extremely satisfied we are with both.This has reduced the administrative effort for maintaining online portals to a minimum and eliminated the risk of overbooking. I can recommend it without hesitation.’
Boardinghaus Norderney
Norderney, Germany
‘Simply a super competent, helpful team that can be contacted at any time. Especially at this time, indispensable management with great employees in the background who solve problems promptly. Simply consistent. Thanks and keep it up!! :-)’
City Hotel Crailsheim
Crailsheim, Germany
‘CultSwitch has been our competent partner for 18 years, initially for bookings via our HP, then also as a channel manager. The service is great, fast and goes beyond what is normally expected. You no longer have to fight through the confusion of booking portals yourself and the workload is noticeably relieved. We are extremely satisfied and look forward to further cooperation!’
Troll’s Brauhaus and Hotel
Medebach, Germany
‘We are very happy working with CultSwitch, the system works smoothly and employees are very friendly and always easy to reach’
Burg Heimerzheim
Swisttal, Germany
‘When we expanded our room capacity from 7 to 21 3 years ago, a channel manager was necessary. With CultSwitch we immediately found a reliable partner, who was very helpful to us in the initial phase and to this day always provides quick and competent support.’
Hotel Restaurant Tum Stüürmann
Büsum, Germany
‘You are immediately at the ‘you’ place. Landed and feels in good hands. In all situations, I receive help directly and sometimes beyond the problem.’
Cultuzz Digital Media GmbH | Kantstr. 30 | 10623 Berlin | contact@cultuzz.com | Tel. +49 30 726225-0